Logan Smith is an up and coming singer-songwriter grabbing the attention of the world around him. With a soulful maturity and melodic expertise, Logan presents himself with musical wisdom beyond his years and a sound you’ll never forget.  Drawing from a wide variety of influences such as Billy Joel, Elton John and more contemporary artists including Daniel Caeser and Tom Misch, Logan does not shy from pop-rock by putting forth a staggering musical presence that insists on being noticed. Knowing that beauty is often found in the simplicities of life, he taps into deeply relatable experiences with his ballads that build up from love and heartbreak.

Due to his childhood connection to Sunday church service, motifs of gospel music can be experienced in the progression of his music. Music being a constant in his life, Logan first began writing songs at the age of 8 after teaching himself to play piano. The coupling of his family’s support and his own passion pushed him forward, and he later taught himself the guitar and the drums. Music rapidly became his main drive in life, and with his father’s guidance, he began to become engulfed in the music community.

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After developing a young passion for music and storytelling, musical theatre became a form of expression for Logan in his teen years. He attended a prestigious school of the arts for his secondary schooling, located in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Quickly, Logan’s vocal talent was noticed not only by his family and teachers, but he was recognized as a finalist in the 2017 Young Arts Musical Theatre Category. Though not a musical theatre performer now, the art form has had a lasting effect in his music style. Logan’s music focuses on exposing real life through storytelling and emphasizes the intricacies of life’s interactions through his meaningful lyrics and soulful rhythms.

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2018 was a year of new beginnings for Logan as he released his Debut EP titled “What If”. The EP broke 300k streams on Spotify within 3 months, a huge success for the young artist who averaged 65k monthly listeners this past year. He began his 2019 embarking on his debut tour beginning in Indianapolis to Chicago all the way to New York City, playing at the legendary venue “The Bitter End” to a packed house with his full band. He plans to embark on a second tour before the end of this year after the release of his second EP recently announced “This Dissonance”.

Logan’s life has been incredibly impacted by those around him who continue to offer support since his humble beginnings. His Mother, an angel on earth who has guided him since he was a little kid learning his first scales. His older brother who has shown him what it’s like to be a man, and how to overcome life’s most difficult struggles. His loyal friends, who have shown him that family doesn’t mean blood. But most of all, his father, the man who brought music into his life and fostered that passion with his love and support. Logan’s father’s music plays through him with every chord played. It’s because of this passion that Logan has vowed to play music for those who hold those same values in their heart. This music isn’t made for awards or notoriety, but it’s made for those who need it. 

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